Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Blog for A New Age

My former blog has had its day, so I'm starting a new one. If you want to read some thoughts about literature, art, family, cuisine and other sundry subjects, you may go to

It's time for a new focus and direction.

I'd like WritersnReadersII to be interactive. I'm interested in your thoughts, ideas, and work, particularly if you're a peace and social justice activist, poet, writer, or artist. I believe the only way we'll get through the current political crisis is to connect with like-minded, sane people who have a commitment to creativity and to ending the Trump regime.

Artists and writers must out of necessity be political as we don't live in a void. Everything we create reflects to some degree where we are and where we live.

How is what is happening now affecting what you are going through artistically?

In this day, working together is in and of itself an act of rebellion and revolution as it counters the selfish, elitist focus of those governing the land.

The Guardian recently announced its desire to connect with other news sources to put the best, most accurate news out there.

So let's embrace solidarity too. Let's work together to empower one another and support our art, writing and the sustenance of truth.

Next week, I'd like to invite someone else to share their thoughts and ideas here. If you'd like to volunteer, PM me on Facebook. I'm Arya-Francesa Jenkins, tweet @aryafj, or email me at


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