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Theresa was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1953, and is a Japanese/American. She is an artist, poet, mother, widow, and grandmother. Her work has been featured in numerous galleries and she has made a living as a professional artist. She has been a resident of Chester, Conn., since 1999.

At what point in your life did you realize your were an artist? How has your idea of what an artist is and what her responsibility is changed over the years? 

I wasn't willing to label myself an artist until I was 25, after landing a career in graphic design and after selling my first work of art. Since the time I was a child my life has been art-driven, even if I had yet to determine that I was an artist myself. Others labeled me as an artist long before I did. 

Being brought up in two very different cultures--American and Japanese--has given me a unique point of view. I love traveling the world and have painted places where time stands still for me. Plein-air painting evokes an experience of a sense of place for me, and the serenity of the human spirit.

Who are the artists you admire? Why? 

The first artist I ever took notice of was Kandinsky, in my early 20s, due to his use of color and hard edge technique. A few years later I found myself drawn to Winslow Homer, and Charles Demuth's watercolors. The latter launched my career with watercolor. I have admired so many artists. As a young woman I was influenced by the writings of Robert Henri--The Art Spirit.

Has the current national crisis sparked by "the-one-who-shall-go-nameless" inspired or detracted from your work? Can you cite examples, please. 

The current national climate of politics has me distressed for our country. The moral compass has been lost. This can only lead to a dystopia in our minds and hearts.

We are a melting pot. Nationalism is on the rise globally. We have been at war since 2003. I am fatigued. But I will continue to fight for our democracy. For now, I will attempt to paint beauty.

                              "Amaryllis" - by Theresa Zwart-Ludeman, 2017

"My Room" - by Theresa Zwart-Ludeman, 2017

                              "Purple Cloud" - by Theresa Zwart-Ludeman, 2017

 Please note: "Purple Cloud" was accepted into a juried show at the National Academy of Design.

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