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Anthony Marchionda received a BFA from Youngstown State University. While studying fiction as an adult, he received honorable mention from The Best of Ohio Writers Short Story Contest. His work has been anthologized in WNWG Presents a Collection of Short Stories and his short story collections are Writer’s Cramp and Other Short Stories, and George W. Bush, Unbound. He lives in Northeast Ohio. His website is

What genre(s) do you generally write in? What drew you initially to these? 

The genres for my short stories vary depending on what the subject is that inspires me at the time. The novellas however are inspired by pulp fiction, hard-boiled detective stories by authors such as Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Mickey Spillane. My background is in film and theatre, so I was first introduced to the idea of writing hard-edged crime stories through film-noir.

You wrote a series of satirical pieces about George W. Bush II a while back. Are you inspired to do the same about 45?

George W. Bush, Unbound was my first foray into political satire. I saw “W” as a basic ne’er-do-well, a guy who wanted to make something of himself but realized that it took hard work to attain his goal and, not liking hard work, opted to use his father‘s connections instead. I very much enjoyed writing political satire about “W.” Even though he was a bumbler and in league with the dark lord Dick Cheney, I found much to poke fun at during his presidency.

As for our present Huckster-in-Chief and his administration, I find little humor there. I can’t get past the vile comments and hate-filled actions that spew from this man‘s soul. Perhaps in the future, I’ll satirize 45. For now, I am working on two detective novellas. One is set in the late 1940s; the other is set in the 1950s.

What direction would you like to see your writing take at this time? Is that direction influenced in any way by what's been happening in our country politically? Please explain.

I would like to get back to writing screenplays--perhaps a short political piece, 30 to 45 pages, which would translate approximately to a 30-minute film.

There is much to be concerned about in the current political climate. At this time we need statesmen to stand up for this country's democratic values. Unfortunately, all we have are politicians.

                                                        ANTHONY MARCHIONDA

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